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Auteur Topic: Doofpotten en beerputten  (gelezen 29424 keer)
Don H.
Berichten: 2082

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« Antwoord #45 Gepost op: 17 Mei 2013, 15:29:33 »

Hieronder staat de Engelse versie van de Regenboogslingerbommelding.


It is war ,,,, Paintbomb impact

Rainbow Slinger bomb alert,

On November 12, 2007 is a new type of bomb designed.
It concerns an Anti-Buildings-Bomb and especially government buildings are targeted.
This AG-Bomb is a reflection of military Anti-Personnel Anti-Tank Ammunition
and were a evolution from the fireworks of the Royal Dutch Explosives Factory
(koninklijke Springstoffen Fabriek).
No empire building is secure against this new weapon now on the market.
The mantle of the AG-bomb consists of glass and has a large shard effect.
The core is liquid and is active after breaking the glass.
First signs of infection are seeing spectral colors
and the smell of a penetrating poop air.
The attack on your government object is invisable for the eye..
If you want to know you've been near the bomb, watch the image.
it may be that your shoes, clothes and body must be washed.
The website's explane exactly how you make these weapons and how to use them.
It is war your empire building has a smell and caught in full color.
Please take your oath of office and pikmeer-ruling in the name of the Royal ...
Rainbow Bombs have a large range even over the roof of the corrupt summit.
The weapon is designed for walls of buildings to sully them with rich colors and shit,
and beyond the range of cleaners and vandals.
Officials ask your superior if he does likes brown or color and make him happy.
Arms trade is golden trade, who wants this Rainbow-Ammunition exhibit,
use, produce, export or patent.
I am a registered artist and since the ammunition-disaster of Enschede I always say;
''I do not have enough black paint to paint''.
Now comes the undersigned back with colors and scents specially devised for governmental objects.
Officials from high to low are members of a criminal organization,
many people don't know that yet but
by the rainbow paint bombs is clear where they flock together.
Now I ask all officials commissioned to contract me for bomb their building.
The pendulum rainbow paint bombs and rainbow pig slurry / dog pendulum bombs coming.
The weapons are numbered and bear my signature.
Our No-Netherlands has a reputation to keep up as the world's fifth largest weapons producer.
This invention is something the Dutch makers of war-arms will be jealous of.


Hold this message strict secret so that it does not fall into the wrong hands.
The photo in the Annex is a demonstration model (AG-Bomb 2nd State).
After reading the letter above, you can conclude that this is a real bomb threat.

I wish you all a colorfull fragrant future.
Sender Don Harberink aka Ammunition Disaster
Don H.
Berichten: 2082

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« Antwoord #46 Gepost op: 17 Mei 2013, 15:32:30 »

Hieronder staat de Engelse versie van de Regenboogslingerbommelding deel 2)


translation with help from google
This Email is send to hundreds of dutch-officials but no respons,
except one official who mailt back that she did not smell anything.


My latest invention you see on photo below.

It is a AB-bomb, AB stands for Anti-Bulding (Do not harm anybody)

It is a beer bottle full of collourfull paint, the orange rope is for the sling, to have a high and far away hit, at almost no cost. And make the world collourfull.

This is my first weapon I show to the public, never aim on people.

Soon I do my first test to see wat the radius is for this weapen I geus 30 meters high and 100 meters far.

1 bottle a rope and half a kilo of paint. total cost maybe 1 euro a peace. Everybody can order the paintbombs on munitieramp. I sell them for 75 euro a peace. (weapon bussiness is golden bussiness)

Rainbow paintbomb, copyrighted by munitieramp

Rainbow paintbomb, copyrighted by munitieramp


Comming soon; Pig shit stinking bomb on a rope. it's is art made by me with real pig-shit, the price is 1.000 euro and it is sighned by the artis and every bomb got a number.

The rainbow colloured paint bombs are ment for high buildings only, no windows.

Ask the owner befor starting 2 swing.

I am not responsible for the damage of my invention
I am not responsible for the damage of my
I am not responsible for the damage of
I am not responsible for the damage
I am not responsible for the
I am not responsible for
I am not responsible
I am not
I am

Paintball is a hype,get ready for the rainbow paint bomb,

When you stand on a bench and swing te bottle around and around high and low (vertical) with beutifull colluer you can hit buildings higher then ever before. That ar the laws of physics see for details the conclusions of Cristiaan Huygens and Isaac Newton.

I am a inventer and painter and experienced a great disaster, the bomb came out the bomb is not dangerous when you reed the manual, only the users heels are in danger, but not when your standing on a bench.

The rainbow-paint-bomb is for buildings only.

The bomb's are not ready and tested yet they are in theyre exprimental phase, the photo is to demonstrate you how the bomb looks but if anybody want to buy a bomb made by me, you can find me here online.

The weapon industrie is not resbonsible for theire weapons when the weapons ar sold. So am I not responsible for the damage to buildings with my AB-Bomb's. I did not do it. I only invented it and told you how to use the paint-bomb.

Paint is funny,specialy in bright collours, everybody love's them, it make's you smile. I hope the officials come to me and ask me to paintbomb theire buildings.

To build a AB-bomb manuel.

Buy a bottle of Grolsch beer and make it empty.

Do the nice collours in the bottle.

Close the top of the Grolsch beer bottle.

Fasten the rope trough the Grolsch swing stopper (see pic).

Look above to learn how to use the bomb.

Have lots of fun.

When you read my blogs you will understand. The waepons of war in fireworks containers. next to the Grolsch Brewery.


The Grolsch-brewery who brew there beer till after the shock in roombeek disaster erea is now sold to ''SAB miller brewery'' the ''ALTREA Group'' owns ''SAB Miller it is an invenstments group who invest in 4 things: 1)Tabac 2)Alcohol, 3)Weapons and the last thing I forgot it must be 4)Drugs. Altrea has huge profits they are doing very well.

The bottle I used for my demostration model is now owned by big weapon investors. two weeks ago I invented the paintbomb and 1 week ago the Grolsch factory is Sold to weapon investors. 26nov2007.

udated 15 feb 2009.

Rainbow-Warriors prophecy of the Hopi people.

Test blueprint; rainbow paint bomb "tuned up". 3 april 2009 (11.1 mm.bullet)

There are two new types of rainbow ammunition .
You knew all the anti-buildings (AB) rainbow-bomb 
Now comes the AB rainbow grenade 66.6 mm. and AB rainbow-bullet 11.1 mm.
For the launch of the  AB rainbow-grenade, you will need a stick.
For the launch of the AB rainbow bullet, you will need a tube.
You hear soon how you can apply centrifugal force with help from  Isaac Newton and Christiaan Huygens.
The AB granade and AB bullet are hollow and inside are colorful fluids in the seven colors of the rainbow.
When the client wants there may also be pig slurry inside, the customer is the boss.
The shells for those two new types of ammunition are made from special gypsum.
The fragmentation effects, the higher speed, the accurately and coverage
have been considerably improved after my first rainbow bomb.
Here is written in a few words how my improved rainbow ammunition works.
Added two new pictures of the AB rainbow bullet  and the AB rainbow granade.
Soon more details will follow.
And still in search for a practice area.
Read more on this topic than you know what time it is.

Test blueprint; rainbow  paint bomb "tuned up". 2 april 2009  (grenade 66.61 mm.)
Latest update 20 april 2009
Put this notification in your archive
or deliver it to your head.
Don H.
Berichten: 2082

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« Antwoord #47 Gepost op: 30 November 2013, 18:39:00 »

Vizier Lucht Kracht (75x120cm) olieverf op MDF.
Don H.
Berichten: 2082

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« Antwoord #48 Gepost op: 1 Augustus 2015, 20:38:34 »

Schepping van Don H.

Prop helm Dummy.

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